Fundraiser Spotlight

Raise Right

What is Raise Right? Raise Right is a gift card fundraising option, where for each gift card you purchase (digital or physical) a percentage goes back to our Home and School Association and no extra cost to you!

Are you frequently at the grocery store? Target? Walmart? Maybe heading out to dinner on your way home from shopping?

Now you can buy instant gift cards for these places, just to name a few! Purchase your gift card right through the app, it will download right to your phone, and you can use it instantly at check out! All while earning money for our HSA! Each brand of gift card offers a percentage back. Its super easy and a quick way to help our HSA.

The holidays are quickly approaching! Looking to give a gift card as a gift?

They have that option too! Not all brands offer a physical card and a digital option, so you can filter based on what you are looking for. You can chose to have the gift card shipped directly to you!

We ask that you avoid using the “Pay Coordinator Directly” and the “Ship directly to coordinator”. We are trying to keep this cashless and as direct as possible. Thank you so much for understanding!

There are hundreds of brand options! I love that even if I’m running impromptu errands I can literally pull into the parking lot, jump on the app and see what kind of offers pop up for the store I’m at! The best part is, it forces me to not overspend if I have the mindset of just paying with the gift card.

Enrollment code: X26723T24HBP

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